This is MIKE

When things get creative, you need peace and quiet to work without the distraction of external noise. The MIKE creative room provides the right environment for focused meetings.

  • ecological
  • high-quality
  • stylish
  • quick
  • soundproof
CAP: Enjoy many options for your office space solutions

Full concentration

MIKE offers more space and comfort for quick exchanges of ideas or brainstorming sessions than an office phone booth. However, he uses the available space so efficiently that he also quickly finds his place in small offices. Like the office phone booth, the creative room in the CAP booth range provides impressively effective sound insulation with a free choice of acoustic covering for the internal walls.

Thanks to the modular design, you can equip the MIKE creative room with a window at the rear or with additional features for a meeting, such as a screen, whiteboard or other presentation aids. The access side opens into the room with two fully glazed surfaces and a door with a large window. Enjoy peace and quiet in close proximity to your team.

We needed a relaxation room. The CAP team suggested a MIKE and built it before noon.

Zsuogo, Frankfurt

We needed a relaxation room. The CAP team suggested a MIKE and built it before noon.

Variety of colours

You have a wide range of options when configuring your CAP booth. Decide for yourself and choose between single colours and a timber look. Select your favourite combination from 64 different carpet colours and more than 100 fabric colours.


Quality made in Austria

A careful selection of quality materials is the basis for a high-quality product. A combination of metal, wood and glass represents the basic structure of CAP products. Meeting the high quality demands of our customers requires skilled craftsmanship, modern process technology and great attention to detail.

We take environmental awareness and sustainability seriously at CAP. As a pioneer, we want to break new ecological ground, so we produce our own green electricity from 100% hydropower.

Technical details

Mike: technical details
Mike: technical details
Mike: technical details

  • Wall thickness 50 mm
  • Sound-absorbing high-quality materials.
  • Automatic LED lighting
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Quick and easy assembly due to modular design
  • Wide range of surfaces with exchangeable panels

  • Rear side with round glass window
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • 2 benches with backrest and 1 round table

More ideas for you

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Rent our PODS.

Are you still undecided or looking for a solution for a limited time? CAP office line products are also available to rent. You tell us how long for, we take care of assembly and disassembly – without masonry or drilling. Contact us.

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